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Tomato Pincushion
Tomato Pincushion
Our Price: 1.89
Easy Threader
Our Price: 2.50
Provides a safe place to store pins and needles. Flexible needle instantly replaces drawstrings in any garment. A color fixative for commercially dyed cotton, linen, and rayon fabric that bleed.
Clip 'n Glide Bodkin - Clover
Mark your sewing machine for Perfect Piecing every time! The Clip 'n Glide Bodkin is the perfect go-to bodkin for casings that are 3/4" and larger. Insert easily into a serged seam to secure thread ends. It has an ergonomic soft touch handle for ease of use.
Sullivan's Fabric Stabilizer Spray
Fiber Etch
Our Price: 11.95
Texture Magic 47"x18"
Our Price: 12.00
A liquid gel which comes ready to use for Devore' or "burnout" processes. You can create some incredible effects with it on both fabric, paper and wood. Steam-activated shrinking fabric. Perfect for holding fabrics firm in any project!
The Big Jig - Junk Jeans People
Getta Grip Clips
Our Price: 12.99
6 lightweight clips used for sewing, fitting, draping and alterations will not damage fabrics.
The Big Jig helps machines sew over thick seams.

Neatly and efficiently store your bobbins. See thread colors at a glance.
Amazing Tape
Our Price: 15.99
Stretch it on, smooth it out, press firmly. Bonds to itself--self-cling. A must for every sewer and quilter. Easy to use and it threads your needles with a simple push of a button. The threader has a built in cutter. Convert any vacuum into a powerful micro vac and clean the smallest areas.
Iron Shine Cleaning Pen - Clover Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder

Clover’s Iron Shine Cleaning Pen from the Press Perfect line by Joan Hawley is innovative across the board.

The pen style applicator, scrubby tip and water-soluble cleaning fluid are a new approach to easily maintaining a clean iron with no mess or harsh fumes.

The Iron Shine allows you to control the clean – see what you are doing, clean the whole iron or spot clean, safely work with the iron off.

Safe for metal or coated soleplates, good for multiple cleanings.

This hand held tool is easy to use and adjusts for the six most used size holes in Leather, vinyl, plastic or canvas. Magnetic Holder that repels & separates items to the edge in a fanned out pattern placing them in a ready to pick up position.
Piping Magic Ruler
Our Price: 20.99
An accurate seam allowance allows one to insert piping and maintain accurate project seams. One of our favorite new toys. With the right technique you can transform heat sensitive fabrics (polyester, nylon, acetate) in to fantastic textures.