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Fun Tape Measure 5/8"
This cotton twill tape looks like a tape measure that is White or Natural with Black markings. Ideal for sewers, quilters and crafters, this measuring tape has large markings. Ultra-Soft Double Sided Fusible: Two sided fusible web with release paper on one side.
Tomato Pincushion
Denim Thread
Our Price: 1.69
Tomato Pincushion
Our Price: 1.89
Ezy Pull Bodkin
Our Price: 1.99
Denim all purpose weight thread is a blue jean color that blends well when sewing or mending jeans. Provides a safe place to store pins and needles.

Insert elastic, weave ribbon or draw cording through tubing.

Collar Extenders - Dritz Velcro - Sew In 2" Wide
Makes collars one half size larger. Strengthen your thread and reduce knotting in hand sewing. Great for quilting and sewing on buttons. Use sew-on Velcro(R) brand instead of buttons, snaps, or zippers.
Easy Threader
Our Price: 2.50
Flexible needle instantly replaces drawstrings in any garment. Bobbin thread for smocking and shirring. Can also be knitted into welts for added elasticity. These Ball point gel pens have a Thermo-Sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction on paper or the touch of a hot iron.
Flexicurve Poly Boning (Rigilene)
A color fixative for commercially dyed cotton, linen, and rayon fabric that bleed. Boning provides shape and support to strapless garments, corset, bustier, swimwear and soft toys. If you’re tired of buttons coming loose or popping off, you are going to love this thread.
Seam Ripper
Our Price: 3.50
Thread Heaven
Our Price: 3.99
Special razor sharp curved blade glides through seams smoothly and easily to remove stitches quickly and cleanly. Lightweight handle requires no force. A thread conditioner that out-performs other conditioners in every way. These essential curved needles really bring your quilting projects together.
This Universal Twin Needle is designed for sewing dual rows of stitches. Perfect for stitching down 1/4" trims! Turning points on collars, lapels, pockets, flaps, belts, ties, etc. Crease seams before pressing. This Universal Twin Needle is designed for sewing dual rows of stitches. Perfect for stitching down 1/4" trims!
Magnetic Seam Guide
Our Price: 4.49
100% cotton basting thread, ideal for tailor's tacks, and general basting. Recommended by Claire Schaeffer. Upholstery Curved Needles for home decor, repair and general sewing. Use on the metal throat plate of any sewing machine to help guide your fabric for straighter more exact seam lines.
Our Price: 4.59
Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. A double sided clear adhesive tape that clings to fabric, paper, leather and leaves no residue. Your secret weapon for removing fusibles, gunk and sticky residues!
Little Wooden Iron
Our Price: 4.95
Press seams open with this handy too instead of using your fingers. The Double Eye Needle has two eyes, one above the other allowing you to run two regular sewing threads through the eyes, which will give you a heavy top stitch look. Use for precise stitching of edges, also for silk, microfiber fabrics, coated materials, foils and artificial leather.